In the international day of prayer for Algerian Christians, new believers in Christ, The Algerian authorities keep closing the churches in country

For unrealistic reasons, the Algerian authorities insist that the practice of Christian worship in Algeria is ; "outside the law".

In a context where the Algerian authorities have closed 13 local churches, persecuted Christians in this north africain country are calling for a day of prayer this Sunday October 18 , 2020.

The Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA) invites to an international day of prayer for Christians in Algeria on Sunday October 18. This federation of churches, made up of about fifty local communities, proposes to pray for the reopening of places of worship closed by the Algerian authorities in recent years, for the protection of those responsible and for wisdom to be given to them in a difficult context. The EPA also urges people to pray for an end to the intimidation and humiliation of Christian leaders and for the repeal of the 2006 ordinance (06-03-2006) which limits the exercise of religious freedom

Today 13 churches closed by the government

This Thursday, October 15, it will be a year since the crisis of arbitrary church closings in Algeria reached its climax, with the closure of the assemblies of Tizi-Ouzou (1,200 members) and Makouda (800 members) by the police and the gendarmerie. . On August 27, a request to reopen places of worship was rejected for no apparent reason by the Tizi-Ouzou administrative court. Today, 13 churches remain closed and sealed, depriving thousands of Christians of their places of worship

International solidarity welcomed

Christians in Algeria are grateful and have been deeply touched by the expressions of affection and the many messages of encouragement and support that have been sent to them since the onset of this crisis. "Despite the difficulties and the Covid-19, we trust our Lord Jesus Christ," notes Abdellah Amrane, the spokesperson for the Protestant Church of Algeria. We turn to prayer to be peacemakers for our country. "

The Protestant Church of Algeria is chaired by Salah Chalah. It includes around fifty communities led by Algerians who have converted to faith in Jesus Christ
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