Arrived in France four months ago, three young Algerian undocumented migrants, aged 21 to 35, will be forced to return to Algeria, for having committed two burglaries. In addition to being forced to leave French territory, the Montauban courthouse sentenced them to prison, French media La Dépêche du Midi reported on Thursday (November 12th).

Arrived from Mostaganem, in Algeria, to France four months ago, Yaya, Saïd and Abdelkader broke into a house located on rue du Général Bourbaki, in the Minimes district, in Toulouse on Sunday, November 8 , around 3 a.m., while its owners were sleeping. They were unaware, however, that the victim of the burglary was none other than one of the magistrates of the Toulouse public prosecutor's office.

It is by the way; the latter who surprised one of the Algerian thieves. "It was his breath on my face that woke me up as he stole my cell phone from our bedroom," she testified during the trial.

The three Algerian undocumented migrants, aged 21 to 35, were arrested by the police from the “BAC” (anti-crime brigade) and presented for immediate appearance, Tuesday, November 10, in front of the Montauban courthouse.

Firm prison and final ban from French territory for the three Algerians

During the trial, the prosecutor requested a sentence of two years to three years imprisonment with final ban from the national territory for the defendants. A sentence justified by Deputy Prosecutor Anne Gaullier who spoke of "a way of life, even a choice of life turned towards theft". She continued: “They come from a country that is not at war. The Mostaganem network is well-known: they know that during the processing time of their asylum application, they will receive € 440 per month ".

For her part, Me Jessica Chefaroudi, lawyer for one of the accused, protested against the requisitions against her client: "Of course, Algeria is not at war. Yet Amnesty International regularly condemns the country for human rights abuses. A country where homosexuality is a crime, where marital rape is not recognized, a country where demonstrators against the regime are tortured,” she said. She maintained that her client dreamed of "a better future in France, he is only the victim of the industry. The smugglers who profit from this business are not there. This is the reality ”.

After listening to all parties, the court delivered its verdict: the three defendants were sentenced to terms ranging from 6 to 15 months in prison with ban from French territory once their sentence had been served. After their sentence was pronounced, Yaya, the youngest of the defendants, unsuccessfully asked the judge to be deported directly to Algeria, without going through prison.

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